Lyme Disease

How can Ozone Therapy help treat Lyme disease?

Ozone Therapy can help treat Lyme disease in the following ways:

  1. Ozone is an antimicrobial and when ozone comes into contact with chronic infections within the bloodstream, it deactivates them.

  2. Ozone Therapy improves red blood cell membrane flexibility allowing red blood cells to deliver oxygen to the peripheral tissue better. This also allows red blood cells to pick up carbon dioxide waste in the periphery, which leads to less acidic tissues often translating into less pain.

  3. Ozone Therapy increases the activity of an enzyme in red blood cells that allows the hemoglobin to release oxygen.

  4. It modulates the immune system–meaning Ozone Therapy can upregulate or downregulate the immune system as is appropriate.

  5. Ozone Therapy increases mitochondrial consumption of oxygen which means the body produces more of its energy currency–adenosine triphosphate (ATP).


What are the benefits of Ozone Therapy?

Most of the residual benefits include increased energy production, immune system modulation, direct bacteria and viral killing, and increased tissue healing. Most patients with chronic illness can benefit from Ozone therapy. It is better that the patient does not have a heavy metal burden or excess iron.

Are there any side effects to Ozone Therapy​?

There are very few side effects to Ozone Therapy, but it depends on how the therapy is administered. Dr. Riddle says that you cannot directly inhale ozone as it is harmful to the sensitive tissues in the lungs. While not recommended, some practitioners will inject ozone directly into a vein and this can cause some chest discomfort. Blood ozonation requires the use of heparin in small doses which can cause side effects for some that are sensitive to it. Ozone can also be insufflated rectally or vaginally which can cause some initial bloating.

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