Tattoo Removal - ND Yag

Stretch Marks - Spider Veins - Scars - Birth Marks - Acne

The NDYAG TOA 3 system is the gold standard for tattoo removal. It works at wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm and delivers energy in nanosecond bursts.


The energy produced is easily absorbed into tattoo pigment, where it is converted to heat which shatters the ink into tiny fragments that the body recognises as foreign objects and absorbs.

All types of tattoo can be successfully removed. The treatment is safe, stable, controlled and produces excellent results.


The laser has two interchangeable tips (lenses) operating 1064nm and 532nm. The 1064nm tip is for the treatment of blue or black ink pigment in the skin. The 532nm tip is for the treatment of red and brown ink pigments.

The laser can also be used for removing pigmentation formed by pathological changes in the skin such as age spots, birth marks (flat, non-hairy) and in some circumstances moles. It will reduce and can remove spider veins, scar tissue and stretch marks. It can also assist in healing and the improvement of acned and problem skin.

The touch screen interface is straightforward, easy to operate and allows for safe tattoo removal within set parameters. Most Fitzpatrick skin types can be effectively treated. However Fitzpatrick skin types 4 and 5 may need more sessions to achieve optimum results.