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Non Surgical Facelift - Fat Removal - Cryosauna -Skin Rejuvenation

 Stretch Mark - Scar Removal - Laser Hair Removal - Wrinkles - Acne - Skin tightening - Ultherapy


Sports Injury - Radio Frequency - Thermage

 Dermal Fillers - Advanced PDO Thread Lift - BOTOX - Non Surgical Rhinoplasty


 "All the treatments offered at the clinic, are treatments that I have been using to get me camera ready for my movies.  The treatments work so well, I decided to open my own clinic."

Bollywood Actress Sofia Hayat

We offer non surgical treatments only. We have a holistic approach to the body and face, using the body's natural systems. All products used are Organic and Vegan.

We use the latest treatments and machines that can lift and tighten the whole face from the jaws to the eyebrows. Ultrasound frequency is used to heat the deep layers of the skin to lift and rejuvenate the whole face. We have the latest 3rd Generation machines. Radio Frequency, Fractional Thermage, and Radio Frequency Microneedling, all lift and increase the elastin and collagen on the face and body. 

PDO Thread lifting is also an excellent skin tightening and lifting procedure which is done without the need for surgery with excellent results.

The TOA Clinic invests in the future of skin rejuvenation. 

Non Surgical Lift London

Cryo Lipolysis / Body Tightening

Liposuction is invasive and expensive. At the Body Clinic, we use the latest Cryo technology to permanatly remove the fat cells from the body using Cryoliposis. The fat is permanatly removed by freezing it and it safely eliminated from the body over 8 weeks. We have the latest generation machine that can also use heat and cold to speed the process up. We offer the Cryolipolysis and the Platinum Heat Cryolipolysis. 

To compliment this treatment, we have the Ultrasonic body tightening machine working on skin tightness and collagen.


The Cryosauna is a cabin that exposes the body to sub zero temperatures for 3  mins.This has many health benefits, including; Weight loss, Reduces Cellulite, Healthier Skin, Depression, Fatigue, Hormone deficiencies, Inflammation, Skin Disorders, Pain Relief, Detoxification, Strengthens the Immune System, Reduces stress and increses Energy Levels. It rejuvinates the whole body from the inside out. Each session consumes 800 calories! 


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