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PDO Threads London - PDO Thread Training 

Medics and Non medics - Fully insurable course

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PDO (Polydioxanone), is a collagen producing material that has been used in medicine in the production of dissolvable sutures (stitches) for 30 years especially in the field of cardiac surgery.

These threads are very popular in the Far East especially in Korea and Japan where there are often called the V Lift procedure. 

PDO Thread lifts have started to become very popular all over the world, because the results can ward off the need to have surgery.

Sofia Maria Hayat has 7 diplomas in thread face lifting, and is also a trainer to Doctors and Aesthetic Practitioners.

If you are interested in training please email us. There is a minimum requirement for anyone who wants to be trained.

PDO Threads can increase the volume of the dermis, which thins over time, and also increase collagen and elastin, as well as giving an immediate lift.

Sofia Maria has used threads to rejuvenate the neck, face, body and eyes.

She has also developed her own threads, called the MULTI HFT Thread, and the eye cannula thread.

The Multi HFT Thread is great for Nose to mouth lines, jawline definition, and to lift the brow if laxity is caused by volume loss.

Eye cannula threads allow the insertion of threads under the eye without bruising. Sofia is also a thread lift trainer for the international company MINT Threads.

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