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London Blepharoplasty Non Surgical

Skin Tags and Moles

Blepharoplasty, Mini face lift, Scars, Wrinkles, Acne, Skin tags, Warts, Age Spots, Skin Discolouration, Tattoo removal, Stretch Marks

blepharoplasty london
blepharoplasy london


The TOA Plasma Fusion 3

TPF3 Applies the principle of ionisation of gases contained in the air to get a small electrical arc similar to tiny lightning.

This non evasive surgical technique works on the dermal and epidermal areas without effecting the areas surrounding it.

The TOA Plasma Fusion 3 Blepharoplasty really works, and eliminates the need to have surgery which has many associated risks. The energy that is used is non thermal therefore the skin does not burn. 


The way that the treatment works, is that it transforms solid into gas. The extremely accurate instrument works by ionising the gas particles in the air between its tip and the skin, to form plasma. An electrical arc is created, which results in sublimation i.e. turns a solid straight into gas. Therefore, the results are instant, but also no heat is transferred to the surrounding area. The resultant tissue retraction and tightening (as opposed to removal) gives results that are comparable to the ones seen with invasive surgery.

Non-ablative blepharoplasty, as the name itself implies, does not use scalpel or laser to remove the excess skin, thus avoiding the risks inherent in the traditional procedure.

This blepharoplasty technique is defined as “dynamic” as it allows the operator to invite the patient to open and close his eyes during treatment, thus highlighting the folds of skin still to be treated. This technique is also defined as “non-ablative” as it is performed without incision, without removing excess skin, without removing fat and without modifying the orbicularis muscle in the eyelids.

Moles, skin tags, xanthelasma, warts


The TOA Plasma Fusion 3 technology can effectively remove all types of moles, skin tags, warts and verrucas. It can also treat xanthelasma in a totally non-invasive way, avoiding any form of complications, unwanted side effects or possible recurrences.

Removal of tattoos, skin discolouration, age spots.

The procedure is an excellent and effective procedure to remove tattoos, as well as skin discolouration including cloasma, melasma, vitiligo, sunspots, etc, through a simple procedure without the use of laser, acids or peels.



After the treatment, the patient should feel no discomfort and can carry on with their normal activities. Any residual scabs will disappear within 7 days, but if you prefer, you can cover it with liquid foundation. We do offer an in clinic healing mineral based cover up, which is actually really good. It heals and moisturises the area should you need the extra cover.

The TOA Plasma Fusion 3 offers all of the benefits that traditional surgery does not- including less discomfort to the patient, none of the risks of surgery, a far quicker recovery rate and substantially lower cost. To find out more about the treatments call us to book a free consultation.

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