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London Fat Loss Clinic

The Fat Loss clinic at TOA, uses all the technologies we have to maximise your fat loss. We use a combination of the Cryosauna, Ultrasound fat loss and skin tightening with the cryolipolysis to get you the ultimate results with no down time. We will treat not only the fat, but tighten the skin, and increase the metabolism and functionalities of the body so that you will eliminate the fat faster, reduce the fat and cellulite and tighten up the lose skin.

The Cryosauna will kick start the weight loss and metabolism, not only to get the fat moving but has so many other benefits to the whole body system, from inflammation to rejuvination, fat loss, cellulite and more. For full benefits, please click the cryosauna link under services.

We will then target any fatty pockets on the body with the Cryolipolysis machine, and then tighten the skin, reduce cellulite and double shot any fat removal with the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. We can also target pockets of fat with meso lipolysis, where a slimming ingredient is injected into the target fat cells.

All of these treatments can be used as combination or on their own.

All of this without cosmetic surgery or causing damage to the skin. All Cosmetic surgeries carry high risk, and at The Fat Loss Clinic at TOA, all of our methods are extremely effective and non evasive, leaving no scars or risk of infection.

We have the latest generation machines and highly trained staff to carry out the procedures in a very private environment.

To arrange your free telephone consultation, please email or call the clinic.

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