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LSCP Therapy London


LSCP Therapy stands for Light, Sound, Crystal and Pyramid Therapy.

Vibrational medicine has so many benefits, it can uplift your mood, boost energy levels, relax you and improve your mental focus, tune you into your body's needs and deepen your connection with yourself to name but a few.

You will be lying under 7 vogel crystals, that shine L.E.D light  onto the chakras. This breaks down any low and stuck energies and heals, whilst the body feels the incredible waves of sound from these very special handmade gongs, with frequencies resonant to your heart and souls natural vibration and the universe within.  Experience states of deep trance, normally associated with certain hallucinogens or with Tibetan Monks who experience this state after 30 years of meditation. Here we take you to the stars in seconds.

This is an experience that will leave you with such bliss, relaxation and love of self and others. You will light up with the heart of a child and a new knowing of self.

- Energy work

- Relaxation 

- Wellbeing

- Stress management

- Anxiety reduction

- Depression management

- Sleep improvement

- Addiction

- Cognitive enhancement

- Creative visualization

- Self hypnosis

- Personal development

- Lucid dreaming

- Remote viewing

- Shamanic journeying


You will be directed to the LSCP booking page and website which is te same company as TOA Clinic

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