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What is a Cryochamber:

The cryochamber is an innovate device that provides whole body treatment with extremely cold temperatures. Today, the cryochamber is the most advanced mechanism on the field of cryogenic chamber therapy. Its popularity has grown in many diverse areas of health and wellness. In making use of cryotherapy, we now have ways to stimulate the body to recover faster, alleviate pain, to subside inflammation, increase mobility, strength, flexibility, treatment of many autoimmune diseases, increased production of skin collagen and cellulite reduction. It achieves these desirable effects by taking  advantage of the conditions set up in extreme temperatures ranging from -110°C to -190°C in the cabin. The cryosauna is the perfect solution for helping patients/clients to fight their ails and develop preventative measures within the body. Additionally, it also serves to promote practices or businesses in the field of body care, whether they are in physiotherapy, sports regeneration or beautycare.

Our Cryochamber is the choice of celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Gary Barlow

and Cristiano Ronaldo












How does a Cryochamber work:

The system mixes vapors of liquid nitrogen with air to provide extremely low temperatures inside the cabin during the session. When starting a procedure, the Cryosauna is always precooled to -20°C, followed by a burst of LN2 down to a standard -110°C, after which it bursts in more liquid nitrogen based on operator settings. Standard settings are around -160°C with a duration of 3 minutes. Yet, settings are adjustable at any moment of the procedure. Our Cryochamber is the latest in technology produced in 2017, made to high specification by hand. Our Cryochamber goes down to - 190 degrees centigrade! 


While in operation, it reduces outer skin temperature from 32.5 ° C to a little under 0° C in 60 seconds, and maintains it at this level for the remainder of the procedure. The sensors of the outer skin, send a signal to the brain which in turn stimulates all regulatory bodily functions. Blood rushes from the peripheral parts of the body towards the core as part of a natural defense mechanism. Subsequently, the brain redistributes the blood supply prioritizing to those areas mostly in need of maintenance / repair. The session is very short (1.5 – 3 minutes) therefore the temperature of muscles and internal organs remains unaffected. The almost instant release of endorphins in the blood (5-10 minutes post-session) creates a long lasting feeling of euphoria (both mental and physical).


·         Cellulite Reduction

·         Manages body weight

·         Improvement in collagen production

·         Improvement of skin condition

·         Skin and body tightening.

·         500 – 800 calories burned in 1 session

·         Slowing of the aging process.

·         Metabolism acceleration

·         Revitilization of hair

·         Reduces discoloration

·         Nail strengthening

·         Enhances reactivation of cells and natural biolog. regeneration

·         Decreases fatigue

·         Cures psoriasis and dermatitis.

·         Improves blood circulation.

·         Speeds up surgical recovery.

·         Alleviates the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

·         Increases hemoglobin levels.

·         Treats mental health disorders including depression..

·         Improves psychological competitive edge.

·         Alleviates the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

·         Increases libido and sexual stamina.

·         Treats fibromyalgia.

·         Treats osteoporosis.

·         Treats degenerative disease of the peripheral joints and spine.

·         Stimulates immune system – decreases incidence & severity of colds and flu.

·         Treats central nervous system disease with increased muscle spasticity.

·         Heals nerve damage.

·         Treats psoriatic arthritis.

·         Treats chronic pain syndromes.

·         Reduces pain sensitivity.

·         Treats injuries – acute sports injuries.

·         Enriches blood creating favorable conditions for internal organ regeneration,

·         causing every organ to be affected positively.

·         Treats arthritis associated with inflammation of the spine.

·         Treats inflammation of the tendons, bursa and joint capsules.

·         Treats ankylosing spondylitis.

sports injury london

Reduces inflammation from injury in the body

London Cryosauna - Cryochamber

Cryosauna on Discovery Channel

Cryosauna on American Tv

Gary Barlow in the same cryochamber in our clinic. The best cryosauna in London

Hugh Jackman in the same cryochamber in our clinic. The best cryosauna in London

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