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London Laser Hair Removal. 

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Laser Hai Removal London

Advanced Hair Removal For Men and Women.

Exciting New Ice Technology and advanced ND YAg

Our ice cold advance laser, we believe is one of the best technologies available for permanent hair removal.

SHR - Elight is an exciting and virtually painless method or removing unwanted hair on the face and body. It is clinically proven and uses different laser technologies to be a safe and effective method of permanent hair removal.

Rather than exposing hair follicles to a single high energy bursts of energy, which can be painful and traumatic for the skin, SHR works by gradually heating the sub levels of the skin to a temperature that effectively damages hair follicles and prevents re-growth, while keeping the surface of the skin cool and avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue.

The TOA 3 Advanced E-Light technology delivers either static or continuous bursts of controlled heat into the dermis, therapeutically heating the hair structures that cause hair growth to the extent that they no longer produce hair. The constantly moving applicator technique ensures full coverage while the ICE technology cools the skin surface on contact – preventing superficial burns and allowing for virtually painless yet highly effective hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal London Prices

How does it work

As lasers target the melanin pigment within the hair follicle, very pale blonde, ginger, white or grey hair may not be affected by the laser hair removal treatment. The more melanin (pigmentation) in the hair, generally the more effective the laser treatment will tend to be. That is not to say that the lighter hair types will not be effectively treated by the lasers as we have seensome good results in the clinic. Very fine baby hair (vellus hair) may also not be affected by laser hair removal as it lacks sufficient density and pigmentation to achieve an effective result. We also use ND Yag for effective hair removal.


If you have taken accutane, roaccutane or similar anti acne medications you will need to wait 6-12 months after finishing this medication before beginning laser treatment.

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