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Thermage London

Thermage is the preferred treatment of celebrities who don’t want surgery


The latest advances in the Thermage technology have seen it taken up by over a million participants worldwide, and become the choice of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Ellen DeGeneres, and Linda Evangelista. These celebrities openly applaud the results of Thermage, choosing it as their treatment preference over surgical options and the overuse of Dermal Fillers to manage the effects of skin ageing.


How does Thermage work?


Thermage uses radio waves to heat the deeper dermis (or as we call it, the scaffolding) causing collagen contraction. This collagen stimulation continues over a 6–12 month period resulting in a natural lifting and tightening of the skin, while creating uniform volume over the treatment area.

Clients having only ONE Thermage treatment could expect to look like a younger, fresher, more youthful version of themselves. (Treatment results may vary for each individual).

Thermage FLX and Thermage CPT is suitable for those who are looking for firmer and tighter skin. Due to its technology, it’s a suitable treatment for crepey and thin skin. It’s a versatile treatment that can be used on most parts of the face and body. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.


Now Available! 'Total Tip' - Results just got even better!


Thermage 'Total Tip' for face, neck, hands and body. With Thermage 'Total Tip' some clients experience immediate results after treatment and a more dramatic final result in the following months after treatment.

Harnessing the Thermage system’s superior volumetric heating, Thermage 'Total Tip' delivers as much as 2 times greater bulk heating volume to the treatment area. This heat energy is uniformly dispersed allowing more tissue to be heated to higher temperatures without any increased discomfort. This increased heating profile helps deliver a more consistent and superior outcome for skin tightening and lifting than ever before.


The truth about sagging skin


Collagen depletion in the deep dermis or the 'scaffolding' part of our skin structure is responsible for the loss of volume, slackness and sagging appearance that becomes evident as we get older. Dermal Fillers are used to temporarily correct facial lines and volumise specific areas of the face. Certain anti-wrinkle injections are used to temporarily soften muscular lines and creasing of the face usually around eyes and forehead. Thermage stimulates your body to increase the production of your own collagen, creating a subtle increase in facial volume. The contraction of elastin fibres results in a tightening and lifting of the skin.


Don't want an artificial look?


We’ve all seen that over filled, frozen or distorted look, often a result of the overuse or incorrect placement of temporary fillers, Botox, surgery or laser resurfacing. Tissue stimulators, such as the Thermage, offer a more natural look and a long term result.

A single, non-invasive treatment with the newThermage helps you achieve:

  • Tightening and lifting sagging skin

  • Smoothing of cellulite dimples

  • Improved skin texture

  • Improvement in lines and wrinkles

Call the TOA Clinic now for a consultation. The preferred clinic for discerning clients who do not want to look overdone.

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thermage FLX 

Thermage® is a non-invasive therapy that smooths, tightens and contours skin to regain youth and beauty. The 4th generation system uses patented monopolar radiofrequency technology to create a uniform heating effect in the deep collagen-rich dermal layer. The heat stimulates existing collagen to achieve immediate tightening effect. It also promotes the growth of new collagen for results with continual improvement. Featuring the innovative AccuREP™ technology, the new Thermage® FLX ensures perfect personalization of each treatment to address and improve the skin condition of each customer.

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