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Ozone Therapy

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INFORMATIVE NOTE AND CONSENT FOR THE PATIENT TO BE TREATED WITH OXYGEN-OZONE THERAPY ​ As reported in this sheet provides summary information and does not claim to replace the informational interview, which is fundamental, between doctor and patient. ​ The therapy with a balanced mixture of oxygen-ozone is indicated in various diseases mainly related to pain evoked by skeletal muscle component. Among these, the sciatica from disk disease cervical, dorsal and lumbar in osteo-articular pathologies including osteoarthritis, gonarthrosis, arthrosynovitis of the knee, shoulder pain (rotator cuff tendonitis), carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, fingers hand arthropathy, hallux valgus, pathology painful foot (tarsal tunnel, capsulitis, bursitis, Morton's neuroma, plantar fasciitis), tendonitis (lateral epicondylitis, medial epicondylitis, Achilles tendon pathology), tender points (painful points) and temporo-mandibular joint pain syndrome. Nevertheless, most of the painful diseases, of any nature either traumatic or degenerative not mentioned above, may be susceptible to good results.
The main routes of administration of the gaseous mixture are: muscle bundles injection (disc-radicular conflict, myofascial syndrome) by percutaneous symmetrical paravertebral injections at the space affected by herniated disc or disc disease or at the level of the roots involved, peri-neuronal injection (carpal tunnel, tunnel tarsal), injected intra-peri-articular (knee arthritis, osteoarthritis, shoulder pain), peritendinous, intradermal and / or subcutaneous injections in painful points. The infiltration of the gaseous mixture is performed after thorough disinfection, inserting very thin needles, disposable sterile, in a safe and accurate way, using special syringes and antibacterial filters, ensuring adequate asepsis. ​ Infiltrations are generally performed twice a week, at different times. A few sessions of maintenance are also recommended as well after time. It has been speculated that the mechanism of action of infiltration with oxygen-ozone action is realized through local metabolic effect resulting in a trophic relaxant action, with reduction of pain and inflammation, reaching a good therapeutic efficacy (75 ÷ 80%). The procedure is generally well tolerated by the patient, sometimes you may experience a temporary feeling of heaviness or burning pain (burning), there is also the possibility of a temporary awakening, usually for a few minutes of pain ("pain awakened "). The risks associated with this procedure are those related to the puncture (hematoma at the injection site) or to a vagal reaction (sweating, bradycardia, hypotension with cardiac rhythm disturbances).
​ ​ Absolute clinical contraindications are: severe heart attack or severe heart disease, high blood pressure. Relative contraindications are represented by: pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, severe, ongoing therapy with antidepressants or drugs, G6PD-deficiency. ​ Other techniques of administration of ozone can be performed mixing it with the blood (Systemic Ozone Therapy) with medical ozone-resistant and high-tech apparatus, application of plastic bag and rectal insufflations. The protocols, decided after thorough medical history performed during the medical examination, may be adapted in various diseases of internal medicine such as liver disease, allergies, severe headaches, depression and other rare diseases of genetic or autoimmune origin. ​ REMINDER Drugs intake does not interfere with ozone therapy You can have a light breakfast before treatment The day of the treatment: 􏰀 bring the declaration of the "Informed Consent", any X-ray plates and previous reports STATEMENT OF INFORMED AND CONSCIOUS CONSENT 􏰁  Being informed on the utility, on the technique, on the possible risks and consequences, including negative ones, of the oxygen-ozone therapy, as reported in the INFORMATIVE NOTE; 􏰁  Having the physician met my inquiries with full answers for the purpose of a conscious decision; 􏰁  Informed on the right to revoke the consent and discontinuation of treatment, with implicit acceptance of the clinical consequences arising (persistence of pain, increased disability 
declares to have been informed of: the purposes and methods of treatment which the data are intended, connected with the activities of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, carried out by a doctor to protect my health; the subjects and categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated (doctor’s substitutes, laboratory analysis, medical specialists, pharmacists, hospitals, private nursing homes and tax) or who can learn about them as appointed; the right of access to personal data, the right to request updating, correction, integration and cancellation as well as to oppose the sending of commercial communications; the name of the doctor who is the controller of the processing of personal data and the address of his professional studio; the need to provide the required data in order to obtain the provision of adequate medical services. ​ I give my consent to the processing of sensitive personal data solely for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment.

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