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The revolutionary new lunch time face peel that will take years off you - and doesn't require do


Article from Daily Mirror

The revolutionary new lunch time face peel that will take years off you - and doesn't require downtime!

Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones put a generation of women off chemical peels forever but quick, pain-free and effective they’re the number one beauty treatment right now!

There's no downtime with this treatment!

Up until now the chemical peel has had a bad rap. Associated with Carpaccio skin and plenty of ‘down time’ (who has that these days?) they just weren’t the quick lunch time anti-ageing fix, we’re all looking for.

But the treatment, that was eclipsed in the early 2000s by lasers, is back. More people are getting them now than in 1997.

So why? Well, for starters because they work. Less expensive than laser treatments and suitable for all skin types - by removing dull surface cells, they can improve fine lines, acne and discolouration. They can also reverse malasma.

The good news is the new breed of peel don’t hurt like the glycolic peels poor old Samantha had to endure. If the series came back on air today, Ms Jones would definitely be having lunch time face peels.

The new breed of chemical peels have been formulated to infuse the skin, build collagen and generally improve skin tone. They are also quick, pain-free, and because they’re not photosensitising, they can be done all year round, even in the summer months AND there are no needles involved.

So how do they work? Well put very simply, they cause the top layer of skin to shed, triggering the living cells below to multiply and move up to the surface, in turn increasing collagen and hyaluronic production. Basically, they trigger a response that makes skin behave like young skin.

Which brings me on to THE peel that we all need to know about. You can have it in your lunch hour, there’s no down time involved and it works.

To explain why peels are becoming popular again, we spoke to celebrity skin expert and Hello columnist Lee Garrett.

Available at the TOA Clinic Battersea, PRX –T33 treatment that rejuvenates the skin from the bottom up, giving amazing stimulation and results without the downtime of traditional peels. This new treatment really is the new generation of skin rejuvenation treatments.

Commenting on the popularity of the new peel, Lee explains: “It’s painless and achieves the same results as a peel without any of the shedding skin effect. I know it is going to be massively popular for clients looking for a treatment which is truly effective on fine lines and wrinkles, but also for anyone who has scarring.”

Suitable for males and females, it has shown great results when used on scars (chicken pox, impetigo) blackheads and pimples, stretch marks , sun damage and even sagging breast skin.

So now for the science bit. PRX-T33 employs a well known peeling agent (Trichloroacetic acid, TCA) in a completely new patented formulation in association with H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide) to regenerate the skin without any frosting / peeling /shedding of layers of skin.

So forget about having to hide in the house for days after the procedure: thanks to its innovative concept, you can have PRX-T33 in your lunch-break, and then meet up with friends the very same night.

PRX-T33 does this by sending a chemical signal to the skin to trigger its own regenerative system which gets immediately under way to create new collagen, restoring the skin's structure.

For the best results you’ll need a course of 3-5 sessions, depending on your skin type. Then all you need to do yourself is apply the appropriate home care skin care products to enhance the stimulation.

Yes, the days of no pain, no gain, when it comes to anti-ageing, are officially over.

Cost session 1, £350; session 2, £250 and session 3, £250, based on the face.


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